July, 2008

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Include Your City Name

Include your city name or geographic area in the text of your web pages.  For example instead of stating “We have the largest selection of diamonds in the area.” say “We have the largest selection of diamonds in the Chicago area.” Local Internet Marketing

Geographic Area

List your geographic area on your web pages as well as your city, such as “upstate NY” or “South Florida”.  If you are located in a smaller city or a suburb of a larger city, include the name of the nearest larger city on your pages as in “Chicago Area”.Read More …

Phone Numbers

Do not use an 800 number on your website.  List your phone number with area code so you will be fond locally if some does a search by area code.  Also you do not want to run up a large phone bill from a lot of tire kickers calling yourRead More …

Chamber of Commerce

Make certain you are listed in your local Chamber of Commerce.  Some cities do not allow links to your website from their listing, but many of them do.  Make sure you have a link to your website if they allow one. Local Internet Marketing

Your State 2 Digit Code

In the text on your webpages, be sure to use your state 2 letter code as well as spelled out so that your website will be found regardless of how the customer types out their search.  Local Internet Marketing

Link Exchangees Don’t Work

Link Exchanges Don’t Work Anymore.  In the past if you wanted a link to your website you simply exchanged a link with another website and you both would have a new link.  Today search engines are smarter and are actually penalizing websites for link exchanges.  What search engines are lookingRead More …

Local Internet Marketing Newsletter

Would you be Interested in a Low Cost yet Highly Effective Method to Advertise your Custom Jewelry Designs and Jewelry Repairs? Are you desperate for New Customers for your Bench Services, but Can’t Afford an Expensive Advertising Campaign? We are starting a new Monthly Newsletter that teaches you how toRead More …

Find a Jeweler Link

Jewelers of America has a “Find a Jeweler” web search.  All members of JA are listed with their store name, address, and phone number.  However very few of the stores listed have a link to their website.  Make sure you have a link to your store’s website in your listing. Read More …

Store Address

Make certain your address is typed in text on all the pages on your website.  Many jewelry store websites have the address in the banner at the top of the page.  Visitors can read the address but search engines can read graphics.  They only read the text on the page. Read More …