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 At Internet 4 Jewelers We are Jewelers First!

Brad and Debbie Simon, owners of Internet 4 Jewelers, has worked in the Retail Jewelry Industry since 1977. For over 37 years they have worked on and created marketing campaigns and advertisements for jewelry stores. For the past 15 years these long-time industry veterans have been marketing on the Internet. They have the Retail Jewelry Experience to Know and Understand Your Needs and the Marketing Background to Get It Done Right!

But most of all, they are Knowledgeable Jewelers with the Kind of Understanding that comes only after Working Decades in the Jewelry Industry. They have the Expertise in Diamonds, Gemstones, and Jewelry to Create Accurate Content Designed to Build Your Credibility, Enhance Your Professional Image, and Draw Customers into Your Jewelry Store!

From Content Packages for the Do-It-Yourself Marketer, to Full-Service Social Media Management, Internet 4 Jewelers has the Program to Fit Your Budget and Needs.  If You Don’t Have The Time To Do Your Facebook and Other Social Media Marketing Yourself, and Do It Right, Contact Us TODAY!

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