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New Video Hosting Website Exclusively for Local Businesses

My Town Tube is a video sharing platform for Local Brick-n-Mortar Stores and other Local Service Businesses. Here business owners can post their informational and advertisement videos about their products, services, and company in a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Local Search Friendly manner. Consumers can learn what they need to know before buying and where to buy it. Affiliate Marketing videos and other non-local businesses are prohibited.

Online Video Marketing

Without a doubt the single most effective online marketing method is Video.  Short video ads about your store posted on various video hosting websites has a better chance of getting top rankings in Google than any other type of webpage.  In addition, posting your video on multiple hosting websites providesRead More …

Online Video Ads

During the past 18 months nothing has received better results in Google for us than Online Video Ads.  We have seen some of our videos get in the top 10 Google search within hours of posting them.  We have also seen our videos receive 5 or 6 of the topRead More …

The Power of Viral Video

In my October column, I wrote about using online video as an effective yet inexpensive method to market your store.  This past Christmas Season we saw one jewelry company who put this advertising media to great use. I’m sure by now most of you have seen the video “Beware ofRead More …