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Ready to Take Your Facebook Marketing Beyond Organic Reach?

Grow Your Business with Facebook Paid Ads

Remember the Yellow Pages from years ago. Every business received a FREE listing in the directory, but all smart marketers knew that to be successful you needed a PAID Ad.

Today, Facebook is the same way. You can have a FREE listing (a business page) and have lots of people like your page (Fans). But to be successful and reach your Fanbase and other consumers in your market area you need to pay for Facebook Ads!

Facebook has completely redesigned their Ad Manager transforming it into the Most Powerful Advertising Tool Available Online! Our Facebook Paid Ad Campaign Service provides you with the Latest in Targeting your Ideal Client, and Proven Ad Content to Drive them to your website and Attract them into your jewelry store.

“Our sales in December were 24.7% over last year. We have been bombarded with compliments on our Facebook ads by customers and those in other professions. You have been a big part of our success. Thanks.”
Gene Arthur, Arthur's Jewelry – Reidsville, NC

Internet 4 Jewelers will set-up and manage your Facebook Ad Account. Utilizing advanced Demographics and Psychographics (consumer behaviors and interest) we will create a custom audience to hyper-target your ads to find and attract your Perfect Customer.   Retargeting is also employed to on-going campaigns to reduce ad cost and maximize your reach within your ad budget.

Internet 4 Jewelers will design and create a variety of images and text ad copy to generate attention and get results. For a standard campaign, we create 6 to 8 Images which includes the jewelry you wish to target. In addition, we will create 3 to 4 different Text Ad Copy to go along with the images. During the first week or two of your campaign we will Split Test these different Images and Text to find the best combinations for your promotion.

For on-going campaigns, we continue to create new content to keep your campaigns fresh. This prevents the campaign from declining effectiveness as consumers begin to see the same ads over time.

To Maximize Performance, Internet 4 Jewelers closely monitors your campaigns eliminating under-performing ads and increasing high performing ones. Our years of experience running hundreds of Facebook Ad Campaigns allows us to expertly monitor and manage your ads.

Monthly reports are sent providing detailed performance information of your campaigns as well as an accounting record for your ad budget.

Don’t waste your time and money with ads that don’t work! Internet 4 Jewelers will create the ideal ad campaign to meet your advertising objectives and manage your ad budget so you don’t Waste Your Money or Spend a Fortune.

Facebook Ad Campaigns from Internet 4 Jewelers

Will Bring Your Marketing Efforts To The Next Level!

Monthly Investment

Your Time is Money and so is The Time of Your Employees. Don’t be deceived by having employees work on your Social Media Marketing while at work and then pretending that no cost was associated with the effort.

“I tried to maintain my Facebook myself and soon realized an owner/manager doesn't have the time it takes to commit to posting regularly. I needed help and Brad was the answer. His content compliments the image of my store and brand, and has added to the following my store draws.”
David Gaines, Gaines Jewelry – Flint, MI


Facebook Ad Campaigns

Starting at $247 per month (Plus Facebook Ad Fees)

This includes up to 2 Standard Ad Campaigns. For additional campaigns, or for more intensive campaigns an extra fee will be charged.


Autumn Special Offer!

Get your Marketing Ready for the Christmas Season with this Limited-Time Special Offer.

Only $197 per month

Save $50 every month

Facebook Ad Fees

In addition to our Management Fees you will need to pay Facebook for your ad placement. The amount is determined by you, based on how aggressive you want to advertise and your marketing budget. For an ad campaign for local retail jewelry store we recommend a minimum of $5 per day, for a monthly total of $150.

This will be charged to you each month along with our Management Fee for a minimum total payment of $397. $347

Unlike most advertising firms we do not charge a percentage of your Ad Spend. We base our fees on the work to produce and manage your campaigns. If you desire to increase the amount you spend on Facebook Ads, 100% of those additional funds goes straight to Facebook to purchase ad space.


To Get Started

contact Brad Simon by email

or call 864-680-4416


“For over 4 years we have been a happy client of Internet 4 Jewelers. Other internet marketing firms have contacted us, at some crazy rates, but we are Loyally Sticking with Brad and Debbie Simon – The Results Have Been Fabulous.”
Larry Exum, Diamonds By Chandlee Jewelers – Athens, GA

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