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The Affordable Way for Jewelers to Take Social Networking to the Next Level!

“We have been using Internet 4 Jewelers for the past year. The results were immediate. This program reaches out to new customers and drives them to our Facebook page and into our doors!”
Gene Arthur, Arthur's Jewelry – Reidsville, NC

Not everyone is online and active on Social Media websites like Facebook at the same time.  For this reason it is imperative to have Fresh New Content added every day, especially on the weekends and holidays when more people are actively engaged on social media.  If your jewelry store’s post are Sporadic and Hit-N-Miss, then you will not be as successful as you could be.  At Internet 4 Jewelers we post to our client’s Facebook pages Every Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year!

We create High Quality, Jewelry Related Content designed to Grab Consumer’s Attention. Each image is crafted emphasizing top selling jewelry, gemstones, or diamonds, with background images and text that conveys a story that is entertaining and/or educational. Plus with Facebook Boosted Post Ads we Hyper-Target your message to consumers in your geographical area based on Annual Household Income, Interest in Buying Jewelry, as well as other Demographics and Behaviors of your idea customer.  See Sample Post Here

“I tried to maintain my Facebook myself and soon realized an owner/manager doesn't have the time it takes to commit to posting regularly. I needed help and Brad was the answer. His content compliments the image of my store and brand, and has added to the following my store draws.”
 David Gaines, Gaines Jewelry – Flint, MI

Social Media Marketing Objectives

The goal of Internet 4 Jewelers Facebook Service is to:

  • Create a Desire to Own and Wear Jewelry and Give it as Gifts to Loved Ones
  • Build Your Brand Establishing You as a Knowledgeable Jeweler and THE #1 Premier Store to Purchase Jewelry
  • Provide Opportunities for Ladies to share with their significant other, their Desire for a Gift of Jewelry

Having a strong Social Media presence improves your overall Internet rank, especially in search engine results.  Google looks for ‘Social Proof’ when determining their rankings.  Their reasoning is that if the store is any good, then people will be talking about it on Social Media websites such as Facebook.

Having a quality page with regular jewelry related content posted to your page along with a strong following that likes, comment and shares the content goes a long way in providing this much needed Social Proof.

"Debbie and Brad have ‘put us on the map’ with their company's services that we have enjoyed for over two years. We would encourage you to have them develop your jewelry store's presence in the ever changing social media world!"
Kathy Butler, K E Butler Jewelers – Vidalia, GA

Social Media Channels Are Overflowing With Content!

To Successfully Market Your Jewelry Store you need Exciting Content that Grabs Customer’s Attention! No one spends time on Social Networks for the advertising. However, 82% of consumers do enjoy content from a brand as long as it provides personal value.

Facebook Content Needs To Tell A Story. Nothing bores people faster than a product picture on a plain white background that looks like it came directly from an online store’s catalog.  At Internet 4 Jewelers we have a team of professional Graphic Artist and Copywriters to create content for our client’s pages.  Each image is crafted emphasizing top selling jewelry, gemstones, or diamonds, with background images and text that conveys a story that is entertaining and/or educational.

It’s Like Facebook Candy for Jewelry Stores!

See Sample Post Here

“A lady came into our store and purchased a $2,000 pair of Diamond Earrings after you had posted about diamond jewelry.”
  Jamie Horne, James Michael & Co –  Monroe, NC

Our Content Includes:

  • Engagement Rings
  • Diamond Jewelry
  • Colored Gemstone Jewelry
  • Anniversary Gift & Birthday Reminders
  • Seasonal Posts for all Major Jewelry Holidays
  • Monthly Birthstones
  • Fashion Tips
  • Gemstone Folklore
  • Jewelry History
  • Jewelry Care and Repair Reminders
  • And Much More!

“I have never sold so many emerald and diamond rings as I have since you posted the emerald ring for May’s birthstone.  We sold 6 in the first week and are still selling them.”
  Ashley Green, Green’s Jewelers – Roxboro, NC

Many national marketing companies are now targeting Jewelry Stores.  In addition, many small local marketing companies are offering social media services to all types of local stores in their market area.  While these companies may know social media they don’t understand the Jewelry Industry.  Do You Really Trust Them That Their Content Will Not Ruin Your Hard-Earned Reputation?

Facebook Ads

Remember Yellow Pages from years ago.  Every business received a FREE listing in the directory, but all smart marketers knew that to be successful you needed a PAID Ad.

Today, Facebook is the same way.  You can have a FREE listing (a business page) and have lots of people like your page (Fans).  But to be successful and reach your Fanbase and other consumers in your market area you need to pay for Facebook Ads!

As part of your package, Internet 4 Jewelers will Set-Up and Manage your Facebook Ads, AND Pay the advertising fees to Facebook.  $60 of your monthly fee ($2 a day) goes straight to Facebook for paid ads.  With these ads we regularly reach 12,000 to 16,000 total monthly views on our client’s posts that are seen by 4,000 to 6,000 unique individuals. Your actual numbers will vary depending on your market area and amount of competitor ads.

“Our sales in December were 24.7% over last year. We have been bombarded with compliments on our Facebook ads by customers and those in other professions. You have been a big part of our success. Thanks.”
Gene Arthur, Arthur's Jewelry – Reidsville, NC

Monthly Investment

Your Time is Money and so is The Time of Your Employees. Don’t be deceived by having employees work on your Social Media Marketing while at work and then pretending that no cost was associated with the effort.

“For over 4 years we have been a happy client and have seen a lot of improvement initially and consistently thereafter with our Facebook Page.  Other internet marketing firms have contacted us, at some crazy rates, but we are Loyally Sticking with Brad and Debbie.  They have always promptly handled all our requests, and the results have been fabulous.”
   Larry Exum, Diamonds By Chandlee Jewelers – Athens, GA 

Facebook Management Service Fee

(Includes $60 Ad credit)

$100 Set-Up Fee

Only $397 per month

Autumn Special Offer!

Get your Marketing Ready for the Christmas Season with this Limited-Time Special Offer.

Only $197 per month

Save $200 every month

Plus No Set-Up Fee

10% discount on annual payment. Monthly Fee is charged every 30 days and continues for as long as the service is rendered.
Service may be canceled at any time after 6 months with 30 days notice.

Exclusive Territory of 10 to 25 miles around your jewelry store is granted to all Internet 4 Jewelers clients.
Contact us today to see if your market area is available.


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