Local Search Marketing

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Google Changed The Rules!

During the past few months Google made some major changes which tip the scale in favor of local businesses.  Now brick-n-mortar stores can receive preference over online stores in certain searches – even those that have ranked in the top 10 for years.    The Opportunity of the Decade OnlyRead More …

Local Search Marketing

Even though it is still in its infancy, Local Search is shaping up to be one of the dominant players in Internet Marketing. Facts: 30 percent of all search queries are Local Search (contain a city, state or zip code). 2.6 billion Local Searches each month – its bigger thenRead More …

Build Links Gradually

This video explains the importance of increasing your links gradually.  It is Tip #27 from the Internet Marketing 90 Tips in 90 Minutes Seminar.   Internet 4 Jewelers can help you with Building Linksto Your Website. Visit us at www.Internet4Jewelers.com